While you might do a fine job managing money on your own, there will be times when you should seek financial planning services from your Northbrook financial advisor. That is, while you may not want or need to work with a financial advisor on a regular basis, there are times when it makes perfect sense to set an appointment and see your financial consultant for a check-up if you will.hands

First Job

Whether your first job pays you $40,000 or $140,000 a year, getting your first real job is a very good reason to seek the advice of a financial advisor. Not only will your financial planner advise you on the best ways to save for retirement, they may also offer ways in which you can maximize your benefits package. Now, you may not see your advisor for several years after this meeting, but the initial contact taught you some very important first steps in financial freedom.

Marriage and Divorce

Another ideal time to seek the influence of your financial advisor is when you are planning a wedding or getting ready for a divorce. By introducing an unbiased third party during a divorce, losses can be minimized and it may make it more uncomplicated for engaged couples to discuss combining incomes and assets in marriage.

Receiving Large Sums of Money

If you receive a big lump of cash from a bonus, inheritance or a finely placed bet, you need to see your financial advisor before you squander golden opportunities. Regardless the amount you receive, your advisor can ensure you put that money to good use.

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