Need a few good reasons to see a financial advisor in Northbrook? We can give you several very good reasons you should contact us today and discuss retirement planning, fixed index annuities or other financial matters that concern you. Even if just one of the following reasons strikes a chord with you, you should seriously consider giving us a call.

Protect your family– There are any number of people willing to sell you insurance of one type or another, but your financial advisor will tell you which ones are actually worth the investment. By assessing your position, we will guide you through the best options available to better protect your family, regardless whether you are single, married or have any children. Whatever your needs, a financial advisor will help ensure a personal tragedy does not wind up being a financial disaster.

Plan your savings– In order to secure a long-term future, you will need to build assets. We help develop a plan so that you begin to save and build upon that. A financial advisor looks closely at your current situation and determines a logical starting point.

Planning for retirement– Once short-term savings needs have been sorted out, it’s then time to think about the long-term. After all, you can hardly expect to rely on Social Security when you reach retirement age. Planning for retirement is very complex and there are several options available. A financial advisor will help sift through these options and construct a portfolio to help maximize your long-term prospects.

Secure your home– The housing and mortgage market is already complex and complicated and you need help in making all the right decisions. Buying a home is still one of the biggest investments we make, and most of us will need to deal with a mortgage company. A financial advisor could save you thousands of dollars by seeking the best rates and opportunities available. They will also find lenders who would otherwise not be available to you.

Investment goals– As you go through life, your income increases and you begin to build assets. You then reach a point when you consider how you can enhance your position rather than by simple consolidation. You may want to strive for an early retirement or pay for your children’s education. Whatever your dreams are, we can help assess the realistic possibilities.

Discover the right combination– Investment is just as much about protecting from potential downsides as it is targeting maximum growth. High returns pose a risk, and not everybody is happy when an investment falls by 30 percent overnight. An investor makes sure you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. They help by diversifying your funds across accounts.

Stay on course– Even when all of your investments are set up and producing, somebody needs to be there to keep an eye on them if markets change or situations arise. Financial advisors are needed to monitor the work they have done for you.

Please, call us with any questions.