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What Fisher Financial Group Does


Anyone who has taken a good look at their financial life, areas such as insurance, tax management, estate planning, retirement planning and capital accumulation, needs to carefully plan so that all of the pieces will work together for the best results. As a Wealth Management Firm and a fee based financial advisor in Northbrook Illinois, we guide you toward those results with an in-depth evaluation of your financial profile. This includes an assessment of every aspect of your financial life and provides you with detailed recommendations for your financial planning, retirement planning and financial investments.

Our Financial Planning/Retierment Planning Approach

Our financial planning and retirement planning approach is designed to help stop your money from falling through the cracks. It assures that any major financial decision you make is right for you. The best benefit of our 3 Step Review process is that it applies to any financial decision or concern that you have.

As your financial advisor, the discovery of your true wants, needs, and desires is the first step for us at Fisher Financial Group as we develop your secure retirement planning with our financial planning services. Choosing investment products has not historically been the first concern of most people. The recommendation of any investment product is much later in the process and can only be answered once all 5 Critical Questions on how the financial tool will impact your overall financial planning and objectives are answered.

5 Critical Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor Prior to Making Any Financial Decision

•Have we adequately reviewed our personal financial situation to make sure this recommendation is in our best interest?

•How will the plan affect my tax return each year and what future tax issues may concern me?

•How will this plan affect my income and liquidity needs in the future?

•How does this plan match up with my risk comfort level?

•How will this plan affect the transition of my estate to my heirs?

Fisher Financial Group is In The News!!! Northbrook financial advisor keeps women financially fit

(published in the Northbrook Star on March 16, 2015)


YorkAlltech“I felt that women were grossly underserved, so I wanted to create a forum for those who want to become more secure and take control of their financial future,” said Dan Fisher, founder of Financially Fit Women. (Jackie Pilossoph, Pioneer Press)”

Dan Fisher has always believed in staying physically fit. To him, that means taking Pilates classes, running 5K races and a marathon, and practicing martial arts.

Now, Fisher is carrying his physical discipline over to his business. The financial advisor and owner of Northbrook-based Fisher Financial Group recently launched a new division of his company called Financially Fit Women, which specializes in coaching, educating and empowering women to understand their investments and long-term goals.

“I took a look at my practice and found out that two thirds of my clients are professional women, mostly single, divorced or widowed,” said Fisher, a Roosevelt University graduate, who started his firm 32 years ago. “I felt that women were grossly underserved, so I wanted to create a forum for those who want to become more secure, take control of their financial future, and make a positive change in their lives.”

Financially Fit Women hosts educational workshops…