1. Living Trust 101

    There are many kinds of trusts. A living trust (also called an inter vivos trust) is simply a trust you create while you’re alive, rather than one that is created upon your death under the terms of your will. All living trusts are designed to avoid probate. Some also help you save on estate taxes, while others let you set up long-term property management. A trust, like a corporation, is an entit…Read More

  2. Estate Tax And Health Care Reforms

    Tax reforms seem to be a back-burner issue at this time, but we should be aware of changes that may tax place after 2012. The Federal Appeals Court judges are still in disagreement if the Health Care Reform is really “unconstitutional”, and keeping up-to-date is challenging. Let us take a look at Estate Tax reforms, if there are any coming up pretty soon. The truth is, nothing lately has been …Read More

  3. Market Noise – What’s Missing?

    The great recession ended over two years and yet, economic growth remains sluggish, labor market is still moribund, and consumer confidence has barely budged since June of 2009. So, what’s missing?. Economics and central bank policy will most likely play second fiddle to the ongoing debt ceiling debate in the United States, the fiscal woes in Europe and the heart of the second quarter earnings r…Read More

  4. How To Save For College Tax-Free

    College tuition and fees are on the rise. Shockingly, the cost for 4-year private schools now tops $36,000 per year on average.  But the investment is well worth it. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn more than double those with just a high school diploma. The two most popular college savings programs are 529 plans and Coverdell Education Savings Acco…Read More

  5. Probate: What It Is And Why To Avoid It

    Probate is the process by which a Last Will & Testament is declared valid. When an individual passes away the named executor of the Will must file a Petition, along with the original Will, with Surrogates Court in the county where the decedent resided. Included with the Petition, the Executor must satisfy certain requirements. One such requirement is to serve notice upon all lawful heirs of t…Read More

  6. Retirement Funding

    Retirement funding can be a challenge, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the negative impact of these challenges. Retirement funding challenges and what we can do about them Optimism, however, should not be an escape from the reality of what we should do to secure the financial future of ourselves and our family. It is perfectly fine to say the glass is half-full as long as that is …Read More

  7. Financial Assumptions For Retirement

    With so many variables to consider, how can you reasonably assure you will have sufficient funds to last for your retirement years?  Make sure to use conservative assumptions. Use conservative financial assumptions How can you ensure you’ll have sufficient funds to last your entire retirement? So many of the variables used to calculate this amount seem uncertain. What is a reasonable rate of …Read More

  8. Time Is Money: Deciding When To Take Social Security

    One of the few things you can control about Social Security is when to start collecting it. Should you take it when you become eligible at age 62, wait until “normal” retirement age (a function of your birth date) or consider delaying your benefits past normal retirement age? To help you make this decision, consider that, on average, Americans are living longer than ever before. Clearly, the l…Read More

  9. It’s Almost The End Of The Year, So It May Be A Good Time To Give Some Thought To These Issues

    Many people focus on tax planning at the end of the year which is one important issue.  However, the end of the year is also a good time to give some thought to other planning issues that should be considered.  It may be worthwhile to meet with your lawyer, accountant, investment advisor, insurance agent and similar professionals to consider if your plans need updating in some of the following a…Read More

  10. Veterans Benefits To Help Subsidize The Cost Of Assisted Living

    One of the most misunderstood of all Veterans Affairs programs is the veteran’s benefit for a non-service connected disability.  There is a “pension program” available for individuals who are disabled due to the complexities of old age, and need assistance with activities of daily living.  Basic activities of daily living (ADL’s) include:  bathing, dressing, grooming, incontinence care,…Read More